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>You can also do curve corrections in the transfer dialog box of the
>print menus.

This is true (and discussed in my book) but remember that in the Transfer
Function you are limited to 13 static points (you can't vary where they
apprear on the horizontal axis of the curve) whereas the Curves dialog
lets you place 16 points, wherever you want them. Those extra points can
be very handy for smoothing out shoulders and such.

And as has been discussed, it doesn't make a tinker's damn whether you
apply the curve to a positive or negative. Some prefer the negative and
some (like me) the positive. And yes, the curves, though they will do the
same thing density wise in the end, will be inverses of one another,
depending on the postive or negative image to which you apply them. All
my curves are to be applied to the positive.

The supplement to my book, the Inkjet Negative Companion, includes a
handy Photoshop template that applies the curve and inverts the image
with just one click of the mouse. And for dye printers like the 1280, it
also colorizes the neg (with that neat red-orange color) with that same
single click. Pretty slick if I say so myself. ;^) This supplement has
been out for a year but I just updated it with Epson 4000 info a couple
weeks ago.

Hope this helps!

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