Re: Changes in Arches?

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Date: 11/27/04-04:55:05 AM Z
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Kate M wrote:
> Hi Katherine, I'm not printing with Arches at the moment, but I must say
> I never had the odour problem - and I have a very keen sense of smell.

Ah, I was thinking you were one who had remarked on the smell, but I
must have you mixed up with someone else. But I'm curious now what
period of time you were printing with (or more to the point, ordering)
Arches paper. Of course that isn't definitive either, since it was at
least two years after Livick had declared Arches unusable due to factory
inconsistencies, that I started noticing a problem; I suppose Daniel
Smith must have been working off a sizable stock of the earlier stuff
and that's why I didn't start getting the paper with problems until

About the smell: when I first started using Arches regularly, I was
always pouring lemon juice down the drains to freshen them and searching
bathrooms and closets for maybe a wet towel that someone had left wadded
up and mildewing; it was that kind of smell. Eventually I realized that
the smell was present only when there was wet Arches in the vicinity.
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