Re: planned obsolescence rules

Date: 11/20/04-12:21:19 AM Z
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I am sure you are having the difficulties you describe. It may be that
Apple has a special version of OSX called the BIG APPLE OSX that is designed
to keep New Yorkers tough and cranky, (just teasing) but on the brighter
side, I've been running OSX on my G4 and Powerbook with no problem—even
programs that require System 9 run under Classic with no problem.... I wouldn't go
back to System 9 for anything.

Mark Nelson

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> Apple did a really slick job on this -- getting some of us to buy G4 by
> claiming it could run 9 & 10 -- I think VERY few folks managed to make
> those two systems function on one computer. I certainly didn't. And then
> of course they abandoned 9 immediately...  going into 10 full bore,
> whereupon all software/hardware companies stopped supporting 9.  I've
> mentioned that I'm trying not to have to replace nearly ten thousand
> dollars worth of peripherals and software with programs and devices I
> don't like as well, but it keeps getting iffier.
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