Dust free environs

From: John Cremati ^lt;johnjohnc@core.com>
Date: 11/20/04-12:29:47 AM Z
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            I was playing with my cat and by accident I have found this to
be a very effective tool for dust control! .... After a slight modification
it basically becomes a electrostatic dust
magnet!......... To modify this tool (
http://internet.ls-la.net/pictures/Cat-Carrier.html ) and turn it
   into a "Dust Magnet" just duct tape a neon transformer on the top bar
and run a wire to the
front and back of the apparatus. Plug it in once every
couple of hours and it will maintain a good electrostatic
There is no need to worry about any unusual odor or smoke as long as
the circuit breaker does not break your kitty will be OK......Your dust
problems will soon be over.

John Cremati
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