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Date: 11/19/04-08:40:44 AM Z
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Hello list, I was hoping someone here might know a company over in the UK
that I might be able to obtain crystal iodine from. I don't need it right
away, but I am in the initial stages of putting together a trip to Europe
for perhaps the summer next year and I wanted to be able to do
daguerreotypes. Initially I was thinking of preparing all my plates here
first, but realized this could be a disaster if airport security scans them,
etc. Plus I get really paranoid carrying any fumed plates since I'm waiting
for the time they don't understand that a metal plate can be light sensitive
in the film holder. Also I'm concerned that one of these times, iodine will
show up on that scanner they use when they swab your bag looking for trance
residuals (iodine can be used to make a bomb, but I don't know if they look
for it or not).

Anyways, any help with where I might get crystal iodine in the UK (since
I'll probably start in London on my trip) is appreciated. Also, any company
that I can get other photo chemicals like hypo, etc I would like to know
about. I guess I could always get generic stuff at Calumet, but would rather
have a resource like Photographer's Formulary over in Europe to use.


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