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Since you're using pinhole cameras, I don't think that enlargement
factor is as critical as in non-pinhole work. 4x5 pinhole images can be
pretty sharp (more so after a little bit treatment in image editing
software). See some samples from my 4x5 pinhole camera below (using a
laser drilled pinhole at optimum focal lenght).

I fiddled with constrast and sharpening in Photoshop. So, if there's a
digital step before the final image, I think you should definitely give
a chance your 4x5 camera before going for bigger negatives...


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so, List... having said that... does anyone have any advice for me about
negative size needed for that degree of enlargement? I already have a
4x5 camera and scanner, but I'm thinking i need a larger negative than
that to go as large as i want to in my final print.
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