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Date: 11/19/04-08:56:19 AM Z
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Try Silverprint near Waterloo, central London:

or mail order from Rayco:

At 14:40 19/11/2004, Christopher Lovenguth wrote:
>Hello list, I was hoping someone here might know a company over in the UK
>that I might be able to obtain crystal iodine from. I don't need it right
>away, but I am in the initial stages of putting together a trip to Europe
>for perhaps the summer next year and I wanted to be able to do
>daguerreotypes. Initially I was thinking of preparing all my plates here
>first, but realized this could be a disaster if airport security scans them,
>etc. Plus I get really paranoid carrying any fumed plates since I'm waiting
>for the time they don't understand that a metal plate can be light sensitive
>in the film holder. Also I'm concerned that one of these times, iodine will
>show up on that scanner they use when they swab your bag looking for trance
>residuals (iodine can be used to make a bomb, but I don't know if they look
>for it or not).
>Anyways, any help with where I might get crystal iodine in the UK (since
>I'll probably start in London on my trip) is appreciated. Also, any company
>that I can get other photo chemicals like hypo, etc I would like to know
>about. I guess I could always get generic stuff at Calumet, but would rather
>have a resource like Photographer's Formulary over in Europe to use.
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