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I'm not sure if anyone suggested scanning the negative in quarters then
stiching the scans together in Photoshop or whatever. I haven't tried this but
it might work.

                        Hi Graeme. Yes that was suggested and is an option
i hadn't thought of before. I've not done any stitching, but i'm sure i
could figure it out.
I want to make an 8x10 pinhole cam, but then want to take that negative to
photoshop, then to digital output at a large size, like maybe 20x24 or so.
The final print will be copper plate photogravure, and my intaglio press will
accept a 24 inch wide paper. I'd like to be able to work as large as my press
will allow.
so, List... having said that... does anyone have any advice for me about
negative size needed for that degree of enlargement? I already have a 4x5
camera and scanner, but I'm thinking i need a larger negative than that to go as
large as i want to in my final print.
Susan Daly Voss
lower upstate NY
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