Dust free environs

From: Alistair Calder ^lt;photo@alistair.com>
Date: 11/18/04-04:41:53 PM Z
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Okay, I am getting my wish list all packed up and ready to go! I have
some scanner and printer recommendations, Dan Burkholder's book soon to
be ordered, and a spanking new computer with a fancy calibrated monitor!

But the room I will be working in for the digital workflow part is scary
with dust! As I was setting up my system, I looked at my old computer's
fan and was shocked to see the amount of dust in there.

Looking around, it occurred to me that my room is a haven for dust!
Unfortunately, I live in an apartment that doesn't allow for changes to
the rooms (otherwise I would have pulled the 35 year old carpet from the
floor years ago!).

So aside from regular vacumming and a dust cover on the scanner, does
anyone utilize any tools for dust removal? Air filters or anything?

Also, just FYI: I'd love to be able to move, but that's not really an
option at this point.
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