Re: Trick for increasing speed of photo papers?

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Date: 11/17/04-11:25:28 PM Z
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Loris Medici wrote:
> Thanks to all for replies.
> I want to make a panoramic pinhole camera and will use photo-paper as
> film - that's why I was asking that question.

Hi Loris,

This isn't an answer to your original question, but as a solution to the
same problem I've been thinking of using two pinhole cameras that take
4x5 filmholders, and facing them somewhat away from each other to
capture a panoramic view. I got the idea from Craig Barber in Pinhole
Journal Vol 8 #3, December 1992. He points his two cameras (that take
8x10 film) at right angles to each other and says he captures slightly
more than 180 degrees that way. The one thing I haven't worked out is
the tripod mount; the picture of the cameras in the article looks like
they are mounted on something pretty thin, like aluminum, maybe?

Anyway, another way to approach the problem,
Katharine Thayer
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