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Careful, Schuyler, or you'll wind up like I did: I got started in
bookbinding and book conservation because I had a similar idea of
creating books of my images and wound up going to library school and
working as a rare books conservator!

Seriously, you can do them simple or complex. It's really more about the
kind of presentation that you wish to make with the album (and we are
talking about creating a photo-album, from what you've described). The
link that Jason sent out presents a pleasing and mechanically-sound
method for creating an album.

You might want to practice constructing the album using thin card stock
to simulate your prints. One of the biggest problems is compensating for
the combined thicknesses of the print, the sewing thread, and the
supporting page...usually the result is that the spine is about twice
the thickness of the fore edge! That's one of the reasons for the single
vs double "guards" in the example below.

It might be worth taking a workshop or two from an experienced binder.
You didn't mention what part of which country you are in, but in the
States, the Guild of Bookworkers offers classes regularly through the
various regional chapters.

Good luck,

Dennis Moser

Schuyler Grace wrote:

> Now, that's a method I hadn't considered. I was planning to just bind the
> actual prints together, but this method would enable me to remove/change
> them if I wanted.
> -Schuyler
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> Here's instructions for a type of binding that might want to look at:
> -Jason
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>>I was thinking it might be interesting to bind together a
>>book of proofs I don't print anymore into a handmade book

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