I am looking for Kodak Disposable Panoramic Camera

From: Mustafa Umut Sarac ^lt;mtumutsarac@yahoo.com>
Date: 11/15/04-04:50:09 AM Z
Message-id: <20041115105009.86664.qmail@web53907.mail.yahoo.com>

I found that Kodak Disposable Panoramic Cameras are great machines and they are capable to what I need. I want to reload them. I am looking for these cameras at web for two days and I could only find hacker sites.
Please help me If you have old strech 35 or later camera or if you live near to photographic machines collector shops .
I can send cash money to your address. If you find a strech 35 or later kodak fun , please dont hesitate to buy it. I will pay your expenses.
Please look for it.
Best ,
Mustafa Umut Sarac
Istanbul - Turkey

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