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It's very simple. If you look into reference books, the only confusing
thing is the myrid of possibilities :)

For each page, you slip a thin 1/4 inch piece of photo paper to separate the
pages for easy stacking, in other words to allow the book to lie flat.

Then, clamp all the pages with separaters between two pieces of wood, or
metal, there's a press for this if you can get the use of one; and drill an
odd mumber of holes to stitch the binding. That's where the alternatives
come in. Using sail twine and a sailer's awl with palm saddle, stitch the
book together.

That's it.

There are many ways of finishing.

Steve Shapiro, Carmel, CA
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Subject: Putting Together a Book of Proofs

> I was thinking it might be interesting to bind together a book of proofs I
> don't print anymore into a handmade book--a sort of personal reference and
> reminder of where I've been. I've always had a hankering (to use the
> technical term) to learn bookbinding, and I think it would be an
> project. Besides, the old proofs are mostly just stored in flat files
> no one ever sees them, except when I add a few more or move them around.
> Has anyone on the list ever done such a thing (maybe even a limited
> of alt prints you've put together in book form)? Are there any drawbacks
> anyone could envision, other than the prints would be subject to handling?
> I envision using archival materials for the binding, and the prints I was
> planning to use are currently all Pt/Pd printed on the same size and type
> paper.
> Thanks.
> -Schuyler Grace
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