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The one point this does not take into account, is that there was a
difference in yellowing in the three papers that Fabriano produces--cold,
hot, soft, so it is not just a rinsing problem but something else either
alone or in tandem with rinsing/not rinsing. The hot and cold (smoothest and
roughest) yellowed the most. And, when I used to use Rives and glyoxal 6
years ago, I never noticed a yellowing problem in the same procedure I used
then, so that Don does not get yellowing in his did not surprise me.
My reason for choosing not to rinse was to see if I could produce the
yellowing again, with my same procedure, after I came across the very yellow
piece of paper from the summer months of the paper sitting in my house
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>> Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
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>> > It seems Don is not getting yellowing, and, if as you say paper is
>> > buffered
>> > with calcium carbonate....maybe Fabriano is more of a problem?
>> I haven't read this thread carefully so I may have this wrong, but I
>> thought Don rinsed his after glyoxal, and Chris didn't, in which case
>> wouldn't it be more reasonable to consider that the difference is the
>> rinse, not in the paper?
> To amplify this previous response, I would say that since Judy has done
> some testing showing that rinsing with water after glyoxal seems to
> eliminate the yellowing problem, and since Don found no yellowing in his
> tests, in which he rinsed with water after glyoxal (yes, I did go back
> to make sure I had read it right the first time) it seems to me that
> what Chris's tests do is provide the other half of the comparison: Judy
> and Don show what happens if you rinse; Chris shows what happens if you
> don't rinse. What with the small samples and all the variables running
> around uncontrolled, the conclusion can only go so far, but seems to me
> good enough for gum-ment work. I'd say that these three testers have
> provided evidence enough to draw the conclusion that if you must size
> ;-) then why not use glyoxal and rinse, rather than risk the dangers of
> more dangerous chemicals. My 2cents,
> Katharine Thayer
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