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Katharine Thayer wrote:
> Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
> >
> >
> > It seems Don is not getting yellowing, and, if as you say paper is buffered
> > with calcium carbonate....maybe Fabriano is more of a problem?
> I haven't read this thread carefully so I may have this wrong, but I
> thought Don rinsed his after glyoxal, and Chris didn't, in which case
> wouldn't it be more reasonable to consider that the difference is the
> rinse, not in the paper?

To amplify this previous response, I would say that since Judy has done
some testing showing that rinsing with water after glyoxal seems to
eliminate the yellowing problem, and since Don found no yellowing in his
tests, in which he rinsed with water after glyoxal (yes, I did go back
to make sure I had read it right the first time) it seems to me that
what Chris's tests do is provide the other half of the comparison: Judy
and Don show what happens if you rinse; Chris shows what happens if you
don't rinse. What with the small samples and all the variables running
around uncontrolled, the conclusion can only go so far, but seems to me
good enough for gum-ment work. I'd say that these three testers have
provided evidence enough to draw the conclusion that if you must size
;-) then why not use glyoxal and rinse, rather than risk the dangers of
more dangerous chemicals. My 2cents,
Katharine Thayer
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