Coating of Glass Tin Side

From: John Cremati ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 11/13/04-09:51:18 AM Z
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        I just found a interesting fact... The reason that float glass is
called float is that the molten silica mix is fed or floated onto a bed of
molten tin... This tin contact surface will then pick up some of the tin
and will reek havoc if slumped or fused tin side up....( it is called
devitrification or a hazing or fogging of the glass when fired..)
         I wonder if by coating this tin side of glass with a emulsion if
it would have any chemical effect on any of the photo processes using
         It also may be a reason why a emulsion will not stick to that
surface..... You can put a UV light ( I do not know which either long wave
or short wave) on the glass with the tin side will appear lightly
John Cremati
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