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Hello Christina,

In regard to your questions:

1) The typical sequence is to print the most opaque color first. That generally means yellow followed by magenta, cyan and black. This varies between people and the specific pigments used. Some workers do a cyanotype layer first in place of the cyan gum pigment layer followed by the other colors.

2) The print should be dry when printing or coating the second layer. I have heard of people drying the print and then adjusting the humidity in order to make the paper swell a bit to aid registration if needed.

3) It doesn't have to dry for long. Usually, I can print within 2-3 minutes of coating, especially when I use a hair dryer set to cool air to blow across the print surface. Avoid heating the emulsion. Also, the emulsion will harden by itself even in the dark without exposure if the time is significant. I would suggest printing an emulsion layer within one-half hour of coating.

Good luck and happy printing.


>>> 11/08/04 5:59 AM >>>
First I may introduce myself.

My Name is Christina Joch, Ím 27 years old and from Austria/Europe.

Photography is my hobby since about 3 years.

Since about one year Ím working with alternative processes.

Íve tried Cyanós and VanDyke Prints.

Next weekend Ím going to try out the gum printing

I make my digital negatives using photoshop, the Canon Pixma i4000 and AGFA
Copy Jet Film.

I made CMYK Separation and got the 4 negatives Ím going to use.

Now I want to know how to start? Darkest colour first?

Does the print have to be dry when coting with the second colour?

How long does it have to dry?

Thank you very much for help,


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