RE: Problem with Ultrafine Clear Film

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Date: 05/31/04-09:37:44 AM Z
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Loris, So you are using Cone inks and UCF and not getting a wipe off? I
tried the Sepia ink set with Pictorico and got very bad results; lots of
wipe off. On the other hand, have had no problem with Ultra Chrome on
Pictorico with Photo Black ink. Your experience with UCF with cone inks
would be very good. I haven't followed the UCF line closely, does it come in
24" rolls?

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> Probably the printer is irrelevant (anyway, I use a 1160). I guess the
> factor that makes our experiences so different is the inkset. I use
> Conetech
> Selenium Piezotone pigment inks (grays only, the black is MIS FS/FSN
> black).
> Will try both my Pictorico and U.C.F. sheets with my friend's 2200 to see
> what happens... are you sure that you dragged your finger on the right
> side? - just joking! sorry, I couldn't resist ;) But as I said before,
> "for
> my current setup" Pictorico is a no-no to me. Putting aside scratching
> issues when being casual with Pictorico negatives, I don't see any reason
> to
> pay 2.6x price to Pictorico while U.C.F. works perfectly for me ;)
> Now, your statements leads us to the conclusion that 2200 inks and U.C.F.
> are incompatible... Am I right? Is there anyone else using this
> combination
> and having problems? Or anyone using this setup without problems?
> Regards,
> Loris.
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> > I'm not sure which printer you are using, but with the Epson 2200
> printer
> > and standard inks my experience is exactly the opposite. Using
> Pictorico
> > OHP I never have issues with scratched emulsion, and I have been rather
> > harsh with the negatives at times. I also tested one of the pictorico
> > negatives by dragging a wet finger across the emulsion, and there was no
> ink
> > smearing.
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