Re: Problem with Ultrafine Clear Film

From: Loris Medici ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/30/04-01:26:19 PM Z
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Probably the printer is irrelevant (anyway, I use a 1160). I guess the
factor that makes our experiences so different is the inkset. I use Conetech
Selenium Piezotone pigment inks (grays only, the black is MIS FS/FSN black).
Will try both my Pictorico and U.C.F. sheets with my friend's 2200 to see
what happens... are you sure that you dragged your finger on the right
side? - just joking! sorry, I couldn't resist ;) But as I said before, "for
my current setup" Pictorico is a no-no to me. Putting aside scratching
issues when being casual with Pictorico negatives, I don't see any reason to
pay 2.6x price to Pictorico while U.C.F. works perfectly for me ;)

Now, your statements leads us to the conclusion that 2200 inks and U.C.F.
are incompatible... Am I right? Is there anyone else using this combination
and having problems? Or anyone using this setup without problems?


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> I'm not sure which printer you are using, but with the Epson 2200 printer
> and standard inks my experience is exactly the opposite. Using Pictorico
> OHP I never have issues with scratched emulsion, and I have been rather
> harsh with the negatives at times. I also tested one of the pictorico
> negatives by dragging a wet finger across the emulsion, and there was no
> smearing.
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