Re: Problem with Ultrafine Clear Film

From: Loris Medici ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/31/04-10:04:12 AM Z
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Exactly: NO wipe off. I'm not sure about how your warm-hued inks will do
with UV sensitive alt. processes; maybe your inks will cut more UV light (!?
maybe cut too much; I remember Liam saying sepia-toned lith film was near
opaque to UV light). Your experience correlates with other people's
experiences here: Sandy and Mike says Pictorico is good with 2200 Ultra
Chrome inks and I say I didn't had that good results (in terms of abrasion,
and wiping off) with Pictorico using Cone inks (please note that I'm using
Selenium inkset not Carbon Sepia!!!)... I don't know if UCF comes in 24"
rolls. Lets see... ok, here it is:


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> Loris, So you are using Cone inks and UCF and not getting a wipe off? I
> tried the Sepia ink set with Pictorico and got very bad results; lots of
> wipe off. On the other hand, have had no problem with Ultra Chrome on
> Pictorico with Photo Black ink. Your experience with UCF with cone inks
> would be very good. I haven't followed the UCF line closely, does it come
> 24" rolls?
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