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On Sat, 29 May 2004, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have a xerox of a book with no bibliography on it I was hoping someone
> could identify. It is about 10 inches tall, I assume it is from the 80's,
> on page 101 it has a heading of Bichromate-Based Images. On 102 it has the
> heading Preparation for Printing. On 103 Gum Sensitizing, on 104 Pigments
> for the Gum Process and Exposing the Developing the Gum Print (their error),
> and on 105 Photogravure. Thus ends the Gum Print section.
> It is not Reeves and Sward, Howell-Koehler, House, Arnow, Frederick...I
> think it is from the 80's. It could be Wade but I don't know...I xeroxed it
> a long time ago, though.

Christina, It's not Wade, or a couple of others I checked (Blacklow,
Langford, at al). And it's not Arnold Gassan *4th edition* tho I'm
wondering if it could be an earlier or later Gassan -- that kind of
grouping sounds like him.

But I mention something I'd noticed a while back in Kent Wade & thought
worth mentioning: Wade has a section on "Gum Oil," which he cites as the
invention/discovery of a graduate student, from his thesis -- I haven't
seen Karl Koenig's "Gum Oil," tho I did see his promotion for that book in
every venue from here to Machu Pichu... I wondered if the source was
credited... Does anyone have that ??? (Just curious.)


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