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Date: 05/29/04-03:37:41 PM Z
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Hi all,
   I have a xerox of a book with no bibliography on it I was hoping someone
could identify. It is about 10 inches tall, I assume it is from the 80's,
on page 101 it has a heading of Bichromate-Based Images. On 102 it has the
heading Preparation for Printing. On 103 Gum Sensitizing, on 104 Pigments
for the Gum Process and Exposing the Developing the Gum Print (their error),
and on 105 Photogravure. Thus ends the Gum Print section.

It is not Reeves and Sward, Howell-Koehler, House, Arnow, Frederick...I
think it is from the 80's. It could be Wade but I don't know...I xeroxed it
a long time ago, though.
Thanks for looking,
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