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Vodka and denatured alcohol are the same thing (ethyl alcohol) at
different concentration. You just need more vodka to get the same amount
of alcohol in your mixture. As far as rum is concerned save it for
experiments with coke, or diet coke.
Marek Matusz

> Here (after a few tests) is what I think I now know....
> In the sizing (gelatin) either denatured or vodka (1:20) does "matte"
> the look of the sizing a bit and help with an even coat (if brush
> sizing). Vodka "may" limit staining better after a few coats (very very
> similar). Vodka is ?grain? alcohol and denatured is ?wood? alcohol, so
> it is believable that they would work different.
> In the gum/color mix, vodka and denatured both help with an even brush
> coating. I don't see anything else in the image or contrast. I simply
> replaced 1/10 of my dichromate solution with alcohol (most folks are
> suggesting that saturated Ammonium Dichromate isn't needed anyway).
> I may try and get some other purer (150 proof?) rum or Everclear and
> see if that does anything different. But, early results say that ease
> of coating is the biggest advantage.
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