Re: Steiglitz & O'Keeffe & 9 Inch Nails

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Date: 05/28/04-12:53:02 AM Z
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I know—there is a finger picker who saves her nails when she cuts them and
then glues them back on if she breaks one..... I guess fake nails don't quite
have the same feel.

I'm glad I learned to fingerpick the guitar using metal national finger picks—
I can trim my nails and if one of the finger picks goes down the garbage
disposal, I just haul out a new one. I use plastic thumb picks though.

I'm desperately trying to figure out how to bring this back on topic.

How many list members have a 21 step tablet and actually use it?

Mark Nelson

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> I saw a document some reasonably years ago and there Dolly was
> explaining that she uses open tuning so she only needs her index finger
> to play. In same document Chet Atkins explained that if he breaks a nail
> he´ll have to cancel his show.
> I rest my case
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