Re: ingenious gum discovery :)

From: Christina Z. Anderson ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/21/04-02:58:11 PM Z
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     Points well taken. However:
1) An occasional 30 seconds of electricity when I forget to dry my brush is
not going to break my bank account, compared to running my UV lightbox.
2) I don't use high heat but high air--and only for the times I forget to
get the brush out of the water. Otherwise, it dries in time for the next
coat with a good shake.
3) The badger hair brush is from Jerry's and is the $18 one, not the $150
4) Might you not be wary of introducing oils/waxes of any sort onto a brush
in case it might contribute to fisheyes?

> On Thu, 20 May 2004, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
> > Then, it occurred to me....badger HAIR...HAIR dryer?? Bingo. A hair
> > works great for a natural hair brush! It took half a minute and it was
> > ready to go! No need to own two of them to alternate.
> Christina, I'd advise against that for two reasons -- or make that one
> reason besides the waste of electricity, ie., paying [arabs? Cheney?
> other?] to do what god [or power of your choice] will do free. That heat
> shortens the life of a bristle brush.
> There is, on the other hand, one "hair" treatment that will improve your
> brush & lengthen its life: From time to time work some after-shampoo
> moisturizer into the bristles, let sit for maybe an hour, and wash off.
> Softens & moisturizes them, so less brittle & less likely to break off and
> leave pieces in your coating.
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