Re: ingenious gum discovery :)

From: Judy Seigel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/21/04-10:35:53 PM Z
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On Fri, 21 May 2004, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

> Judy,
> Points well taken. However:
> 1) An occasional 30 seconds of electricity when I forget to dry my brush is
> not going to break my bank account, compared to running my UV lightbox.
> 2) I don't use high heat but high air--and only for the times I forget to
> get the brush out of the water. Otherwise, it dries in time for the next
> coat with a good shake.

It also occurred to me later that you probably have your electricity from
waterfalls or melting ice or some other clean & renewable resource up
there in the mountains, not from a stinky coal firing plant spewing
particulate matter and sulfur over the entire eastern seaboard like Con
Edison, but, rest assured that

> 4) Might you not be wary of introducing oils/waxes of any sort onto a brush
> in case it might contribute to fisheyes?

moisturizer after shampoo is totally soluble. Just like the shampoo, it
washes out entirely -- and does make the brushes nice. I haven't had the
pleasure of your badger, finding that the hake brushes (about $6 apiece
the last time I bought them) trimmed and glued work very well.... I have
about 6 of them, enough to let them dry spontaneously -- but the
occasional moisturizing gives them a big thrill.

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