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From: Judy Seigel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/21/04-02:35:00 PM Z
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On Thu, 20 May 2004, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

> Then, it occurred to me....badger HAIR...HAIR dryer?? Bingo. A hair dryer
> works great for a natural hair brush! It took half a minute and it was
> ready to go! No need to own two of them to alternate.

Christina, I'd advise against that for two reasons -- or make that one
reason besides the waste of electricity, ie., paying [arabs? Cheney?
other?] to do what god [or power of your choice] will do free. That heat
shortens the life of a bristle brush.

There is, on the other hand, one "hair" treatment that will improve your
brush & lengthen its life: From time to time work some after-shampoo
moisturizer into the bristles, let sit for maybe an hour, and wash off.
Softens & moisturizes them, so less brittle & less likely to break off and
leave pieces in your coating.


> Since it never occurred to me before, I thought at least SOMEONE on this
> list would not have thought of it either--thus the share, at risk of seeming
> like another dumb blonde.
> Chris
> PS Katharine, the humidity here in MN is 77%! I did my exposures exactly as
> normal (4 minutes for all layers) and no difference here with result.
> PPS Sandy and Sam down in warm South Carolina, it is only 56 degrees
> outside. WHY am I here???
> PPPS Judy, I'm fixin' to sit down and finally read your PF#9! Can't wait to
> see what this boob thing is all about...
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