ingenious gum discovery :)

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Date: 05/20/04-09:24:26 PM Z
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Dear List,
Ha! I bet that got everyone's attention. Seriously, though, I wanted to
share a (probably very OBVIOUS to others but not to me) discovery I made
yesterday. I have that badger hair brush, you know, to soften a gum coat
with? Well, I left it in the water and forgot to dry it in time for the
next layer and was bummed.

Then, it occurred to me....badger HAIR...HAIR dryer?? Bingo. A hair dryer
works great for a natural hair brush! It took half a minute and it was
ready to go! No need to own two of them to alternate.

Since it never occurred to me before, I thought at least SOMEONE on this
list would not have thought of it either--thus the share, at risk of seeming
like another dumb blonde.

PS Katharine, the humidity here in MN is 77%! I did my exposures exactly as
normal (4 minutes for all layers) and no difference here with result.
PPS Sandy and Sam down in warm South Carolina, it is only 56 degrees
outside. WHY am I here???
PPPS Judy, I'm fixin' to sit down and finally read your PF#9! Can't wait to
see what this boob thing is all about...
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