OT: Slightly - Korona 12x20 Lens Recommendation?

From: Sean ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/15/04-05:30:35 AM Z
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Hi all,

While this may be slightly off topic, the view lists typically don't use
these creatures anymore, and the alt-photo folks have kept them from the
scrap heap.

I have recently acquired/restored a Korona (markings removed, but from the
information I can find it sure looks a Korona) 12x20. Now I am tasked with
finding adequate optics.

Anyone out there who would care to share their Korona/Lens combos (smaller
formats as well) on/off-list (as not to clutter) would be most appreciated.

Sorry to hear about another Post-Factory error. The publications resources
and insight will surely be missed.


Sean Farren
IT Geek by Day. Mr. Analog by Night.
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