Re: OT: Slightly - Korona 12x20 Lens Recommendation?

From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/15/04-01:30:45 PM Z
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I don't find the topic of ULF cameras in any way off-topic for this
list. Many of us here use ULF equipment to make our negatives for
alterative processes.

OK, here are my suggestions as good lenses for the 12X20 Korona. Bear
in mind that the bellows limitation of your Korona of around 24" will
limit you for all practical purposes to lenses of 20" or less.

Assuming that money is no object here is what I would recommend.

210 mm SSXL. This lens will cover 12X20 with a bit of movement, but
you need to invest in the center filter as well because light
fall-off at the edges is substantial. Around $3000 new with center

300 mm f/9 Computar. Rather rare but covers 12X20 with more than two
inches of movement when stopped down. Hard to price because they are
seen so infrequently.

355 f/9 G-Claron. Commonly available, but just covers the 12X20
format. $$500-900 used, depending on age and condition.

450 f/9 Nikkor M. Best all around lens for the 12X20 format in my
opinion. Huge coverage allows for up to five or six inches of
movement on the format. And best of all, it is not especially
expensive. $600-800 used, depending on condition. Midwest right now
lists one in 9+ condition at $695.

There are quite a number of choices in older lenses, such as Dagors,
Protar Series V, etc. but many of these lenses have a cult following
and in my opinion are often very over-priced. An exception would be
the 12" Dagor which was made in great quantities and can sometimes be
picked up at a bargain. For the 12X20 format the best 12" Dagor are
the very old ones (Serial # 350,000 or less) since many of the late
model specimens are mechanically vignetted and will not cover 12X20.
Same is true for the 14" Dagor.

Sandy King

>Hi all,
>While this may be slightly off topic, the view lists typically don't use
>these creatures anymore, and the alt-photo folks have kept them from the
>scrap heap.
>I have recently acquired/restored a Korona (markings removed, but from the
>information I can find it sure looks a Korona) 12x20. Now I am tasked with
>finding adequate optics.
>Anyone out there who would care to share their Korona/Lens combos (smaller
>formats as well) on/off-list (as not to clutter) would be most appreciated.
>Sorry to hear about another Post-Factory error. The publications resources
>and insight will surely be missed.
>Sean Farren
>IT Geek by Day. Mr. Analog by Night.
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