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> I'm pretty sure I mentioned the show OBJECT/PLACE/PROCESS, a propos of
> where to see "alternative photography" in New York City . I knew there
> would be good gums because (my former student) Sookang Kim is an amazing
> gum printer. Now I can/must recommend the show as having 3 other wonderful
> young photographers, each doing something different and special.
> Alison Bradley shows 13 large gelatin silver prints "toned in a two tone
> process." They are arrestingly beautiful regardless of toning.
> Shoji Kato has 10 cyanotypes that, aside from being beautiful, raise the
> bar on cyanotype color and intensity. They are, he revealed, "classical
> cyanotype." The secret, he also revealed, is up to 3 coat-and-expose
> layers.
> Michelle Kloehn showed 10 ambrotypes in a range of sizes and moods... She
> describes the process as 19th century Polaroid...
> SooKang's are, by the way, many coats printed from one monochrome
> negative, brushing out what she doesn't want & leaving what she does want.
> The effect is uncanny... Each photographer had a statement. Hers began, "I
> photograph small, ordinary things around me. They lack any magnificent
> reason to exist; they do not seem to deserve being photographed." Her
> "attention" transforms them "into my own small universe."
> The show is at Sepia International Gallery, 148 West 24 th St., New York
> City, until July 17.
> J.
Judy, Can one access the show on line? Thanks for any info. Rajul
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