Mine too! was: Judy Seigel Ruined My Day!

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Date: 05/14/04-05:43:43 PM Z
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I've had very similar experience to the surprise arrival of #9. I felt
an immediate flush of fever, accompanied by stiffness in the neck,
numbness in the extremities, and a persistent resentment towards my
Day Planner. The symptoms became unbearable when I launched tangents
regarding similarities between Stieglitz and Freud (A Show of Camera
Work, page 2).

I canceled three shoots, given how ill I was feeling, and even thought
of backing out on my daughter's wedding. . . .

As for the (so-called) Farewell Address (. . . please. . . ), don't you
believe a word of it. There's just no way. It's inconceivable. Pure
fiction. I don't doubt that Judy believes it, mind you--delusions can
be quite powerful. Not to worry. I have duct tape. Lot's of it. And
plenty enough velcro.


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On Friday, May 14, 2004, at 05:55 PM, D. Mark Andrews wrote:

> I must say Judy it is terribly inconsiderate of you to have the postman
> deliver P-F#9 this morning. My plan was to steadfastly work from home
> today
> and get caught up on weeks of incoming-producing work that I've put
> off for
> way too long. I had conference calls that I cancelled in favor of
> reading
> "the P.O.P experience." A client meeting postponed until next week due
> to
> illness. I suspect the illness was brought on from reading "The
> Portfolio
> review Reviewed." I doubt it is anything serious, most likely a
> symptom of
> the empathy I felt for Diane Hooper Bloomfield. I had to skip the
> piece on
> Knud Knudsen since I couldn't wait to get to "Une Visite a L'Atelier
> Fresson." What joy! What torment you've caused me! Even though I
> skipped
> ahead a bit, I violently refuse to read your "Farewell Address." Okay,
> I
> read it, but it didn't meet up to my expectations. Please try again in
> P-F#10. Surely a run of 9 is bad luck!
> Mark
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