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I'm pretty sure I mentioned the show OBJECT/PLACE/PROCESS, a propos of
where to see "alternative photography" in New York City . I knew there
would be good gums because (my former student) Sookang Kim is an amazing
gum printer. Now I can/must recommend the show as having 3 other wonderful
young photographers, each doing something different and special.

Alison Bradley shows 13 large gelatin silver prints "toned in a two tone
process." They are arrestingly beautiful regardless of toning.

Shoji Kato has 10 cyanotypes that, aside from being beautiful, raise the
bar on cyanotype color and intensity. They are, he revealed, "classical
cyanotype." The secret, he also revealed, is up to 3 coat-and-expose

Michelle Kloehn showed 10 ambrotypes in a range of sizes and moods... She
describes the process as 19th century Polaroid...

SooKang's are, by the way, many coats printed from one monochrome
negative, brushing out what she doesn't want & leaving what she does want.
The effect is uncanny... Each photographer had a statement. Hers began, "I
photograph small, ordinary things around me. They lack any magnificent
reason to exist; they do not seem to deserve being photographed." Her
"attention" transforms them "into my own small universe."

The show is at Sepia International Gallery, 148 West 24 th St., New York
City, until July 17.

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