Broken Digital Themometer probe (for DELTA SK-1250)

From: Bill William ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/05/04-10:51:17 AM Z
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Any one know how to repair a broken digital thermometer
probe? Its to an old model
DELTA SK-1250....

During an emulsion preparation session I tripped over the
wire and the plastic flange cracked... then in my
confusion, I pulled the probe and one of the wires

trying to open the what looked like a screw-on flange, I
broke the flange and and lost the one good wire connection
that was left.

There is some kind of yellowish epoxy or hardened,
yellowed gelatin in the plastic flange between the wire
and the metal probe.

For what purpose? To keep Curious Eyes from Seeing inside?

Any advice on repair of this wonderful little probe?

Keeping an eye out for me on everything from 'Betta
Splendens", Root Beer, Weizenbier, AgClBr emulsions to
Joughrt and Deep Freeze temperatures this probe has
sentemntial value as well.

The manufacture no longer provides support for their
"elderly" products.

They WOULD like it if I bought one of their new models....
but I I have another idea.

It looks like I could just reattach the wires and
re-water-proof the wire near the probe.... or ???


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