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A post unrelated to alt-process this will be... apologies in advance.

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> Heck, while I'm up with insomnia at 4 AM (shouldn't have had that
> Turkish tea at dinner; coffee, yes; tea, no)
> ...

Turkish coffe is light but tea errr... it depends how you make it (but it's
strong generally). Turks drink it strong... "real" strong (they roast it in
a separate teapot over another one full of boiling water, then pour boiling
water on it and wait around 10mins - until it goes down - and then they mix
it with water according how strong they want it, they use samovars too) It's
a matter of habit; Turkish people drink a lot of tea in the evening
(actually it's a custom to drink tea after dinner) and they are comfortable
with it. I can drink tea then two double espresso's in a row and can sleep
like a baby afterwards but that's another story anyway.

Whatever, thank you very much for the paper review.

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