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Date: 05/05/04-04:13:06 AM Z
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Hi Chris,
I keep hearing what a great paper this is. I ignored it at first,
believing the marketing hype that said it was exactly the same paper
that had been called Fabriano Uno. Since I truly detest that paper, I
had no reason to want to try the same paper with a different name. But I
finally came to understand that it's not the same paper. (Why the
company would make that claim when it's not so is beyond me.) A gal at
Daniel Smith promised to send me several samples of the paper to try,
but instead of sending several samples of the model and surface I was
interested in, she just sent me samples of every paper in every surface
made under the fabriano name. So I had only one 2x3" piece of the
extra-white hot press, and my one little test on that tiny piece of
paper didn't exactly make my socks roll up and down. I guess I need to
get some bigger pieces to work with. BTW, I tried the soft-press surface
back in 1995 or so when they first brought it out and sent out samples
to everyone in the mail. I didn't like it very well, but like they say,
different strokes for different folks.

Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
> Heck, while I'm up with insomnia at 4 AM (shouldn't have had that
> Turkish tea at dinner; coffee, yes; tea, no) I thought I'd mention my
> experience with the "new" Fabriano Artistico Extra White and gum. I bought
> soft, cold, and hot press. The soft press is very minimally textured. It
> is really a nice paper for gum.
> I preshrunk the papers, and have been starting to do gum over
> cyanotypes a la Sam Wang, with no additional sizing (now it's summer, and I
> have time to fool around). So far I am impressed with the paper. It has
> enough internal sizing to do just fine. In fact, the way the paper feels
> without additional sizing is the way my glutaraldehyde hardened sizing felt
> on all the other papers I used. I'd love to know what they use to size
> their papers with at the manufacturing plant.
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