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Date: 05/05/04-02:53:24 AM Z
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     Heck, while I'm up with insomnia at 4 AM (shouldn't have had that
Turkish tea at dinner; coffee, yes; tea, no) I thought I'd mention my
experience with the "new" Fabriano Artistico Extra White and gum. I bought
soft, cold, and hot press. The soft press is very minimally textured. It
is really a nice paper for gum.
     I preshrunk the papers, and have been starting to do gum over
cyanotypes a la Sam Wang, with no additional sizing (now it's summer, and I
have time to fool around). So far I am impressed with the paper. It has
enough internal sizing to do just fine. In fact, the way the paper feels
without additional sizing is the way my glutaraldehyde hardened sizing felt
on all the other papers I used. I'd love to know what they use to size
their papers with at the manufacturing plant.
     Maybe I'll go to sleep now...
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