Re: Bergger Versus Forte/ PMK testing.

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Date: 05/03/04-04:40:17 PM Z
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 From my discussions of various films on other forums I think this is
a quality control issue. Quality control may also be an issue with
the films made in Croatia, such as Efke PL 25 and PL 100, but Efke PL
100 is otherwise just an outstanding film for alternative printing.

As for the specific surface imperfections you describe, I don't
believe I have hear them mentioned before.


>Upon scanning both sets of negatives the scans seem so similar
>at the same settings that I think your assement is correct.
>However there is one last issue in my mind the surface imperfections
>of the Forte, it shows alot of white scratches and pits. All I did was
>thread the reel so I doubt they were my fault.
>Any added thoughts on this
>on 5/3/04 9:17 AM, Sandy King at wrote:
>> Gregory,
>> The speed of different batches of these films can vary significantly,
>> and this will impact maximum density for a given exposure by far more
>> than 20%.
>> You observe a difference of about +20% density for BPF. In my own
>> tests the maximum Dmax of BPF was actually slightly lower than that
>> of Fortepan 200, but slightly higher than JancC. But the curves were
>> absolutely identical when adjusted for time.
>> As for the fact that there was more stain, one would expect more
>> stain with higher density. I suspect that you would also find a
>> slightly higher B+f.
>> Sandy
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