Re: Bergger Versus Forte/ PMK testing.

From: Gregory W Blank ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/03/04-12:21:21 PM Z
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Upon scanning both sets of negatives the scans seem so similar
at the same settings that I think your assement is correct.

However there is one last issue in my mind the surface imperfections
of the Forte, it shows alot of white scratches and pits. All I did was
thread the reel so I doubt they were my fault.

Any added thoughts on this

on 5/3/04 9:17 AM, Sandy King at wrote:

> Gregory,
> The speed of different batches of these films can vary significantly,
> and this will impact maximum density for a given exposure by far more
> than 20%.
> You observe a difference of about +20% density for BPF. In my own
> tests the maximum Dmax of BPF was actually slightly lower than that
> of Fortepan 200, but slightly higher than JancC. But the curves were
> absolutely identical when adjusted for time.
> As for the fact that there was more stain, one would expect more
> stain with higher density. I suspect that you would also find a
> slightly higher B+f.
> Sandy
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