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Hi Iva,

I'd add to Judy's great list the Prints and Photographs Study Room, Room
308, of the the Public Library, main branch, 5th Ave and 42 St.


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> On Sun, 2 May 2004, lva wrote:
> > In the end of June, I will be in New York for a few days. For arts sake
> > only.
> >
> > Any idea where I could see:
> >
> > * great gum prints (special interest: Steichen, Demachy, Kaesebier,
> > actually most of the photographers published in "Camera Work")
> Hi Iva,
> In the normal course of events you could visit the permanent collection of
> the Museum of Modern Art and see vintage prints of great interest, but the
> Modern is undergoing another aggrandizement and is operating temporarily
> in Queens... I don't know what if any of their permanent collection is on
> view there, but presumably they have a web site which might reveal it.
> Then of course the Metropolitan Museum has a good vintage collection, and
> the corridor leading to their print rooms always has works of interest,
> regardless of what the special shows are -- sometimes prints, sometimes
> photographs, even last year some early 19th century processes. Again, you
> can probably access their calendar by web site, but they wouldn't mention
> individual prints.
> My suggestion in any event would be forget any particular list -- you can
> do more for your art and your soul by visiting the medieval, Egyptian,
> Persian, Indian, Greek, Asian, etc. etc. rooms, corridors, collections,
> iron work, carvings, tapestries, porcelains, etc. etc. etc. at the
> Metropolitan Museum than a thousand Ansel Adams could do for you.
> New York is not an "alternative photography" town, as I've said in these
> pages many times, and if there's a way to see a Demachy here I'd sure like
> to know about it... (though your view of New York is immensely flattering.
> I'll try to keep it in mind !)
> There's also the fact that such shows as there are in private galleries
> don't generally send their announcements until a week or two in advance,
> so we wouldn't know now of something that might be coming up in your time
> frame... However, there is a website of show announcements, used to be
> "Photography in New York," now I think just "Photography." And I do
> happen to have two announcements for shows that will be on then:
> "Object/Place/Process" will be on May 14 to July 17 at Sepia
> International, 148 West 24 th St. I don't know about the other three
> artists in the 4-person show, but Sookang Kim, a former student of mine,
> does marvelous gum prints -- as she did from her very first one. That was
> about 6 years ago, so I figure she's gotten even greater in the interim.
> One other show I plan to visit from seeing the announcement image is Luis
> Gonzalez Palma at Robert Mann Gallery, 210 11th Ave. I know the name, but
> little more about his work and the announcement does not tell us anything
> so vulgar as the process of the print shown. But it's brown, and out of
> the ordinary... and Mann is one of the more interesting photo galleries
> these days. (And both these galleries are in the trendy new Chelsea art
> district, where almost every doorway has another new gallery.)
> As for Camera Work, if you take a side trip to Philadelphia (a relatively
> short but relatively expensive train ride) you can see a show that sounds
> fascinating -- some 64 plates from Stieglitz's "Camera Work" are in a
> travelling show that will be at the Philadelphia Art Alliance from May
> until August.
> But remember that most galleries in NYC are closed Sunday & Monday...
> and one more thing: I absolutely guarantee, there is nothing about an
> "Ansel Adams" seen on the wall you couldn't get from seeing it in a
> book... anywhere.
> cheers,
> Judy
> >
> > * any other outstanding works in alternative photography
> >
> > * original prints by Ansel Adams
> >
> > * paintings by Odd Nerdrum (additionally to the works Forum Gallery will
> > exhibit in June)
> >
> > * paintings by Gerhard Richter
> >
> > * anything by Bill Viola
> >
> > * shadow paintings and movies by Andy Warhol
> >
> > Greetings
> >
> > Brahma
> >
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