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From: Catherine Rogers ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/03/04-11:54:54 AM Z
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Thanks for the suggestions Sandy and Judy,

You've both given me a great starting point. I'm off to the local hardware
in a just minute. After I find the vernier calipers, which I know are here,

Thanks again.

Sandy King wrote:

> I made a film holder for 5X7 negatives that works very well.
> First, you will need is a piece of flat plastic of about 0.030"
> thickness. You could also use thin aluminium if you have the
> equipment for cutting it. If you have an instrument that can measure
> thickness (caliphers) go to the section of your hardware that has
> plastic signs and you should find something of the right thickness.
> Once you have the material, cut it to same outside shape as any of
> the film holders provided with the 4870. Then cut a frame in the
> center of the material that is just slightly smaller than the
> negative you plan to scan. To use tape down the negative at one end
> with masking tape, then put tape on the negative at the other end and
> pull to apply tension and straighten it out. With a 76mm wide
> negative you may also need to tape down the long dimension to keep it
> straight.
> Sandy King
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