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From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/01/04-07:43:40 AM Z
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I made a film holder for 5X7 negatives that works very well.

First, you will need is a piece of flat plastic of about 0.030"
thickness. You could also use thin aluminium if you have the
equipment for cutting it. If you have an instrument that can measure
thickness (caliphers) go to the section of your hardware that has
plastic signs and you should find something of the right thickness.

Once you have the material, cut it to same outside shape as any of
the film holders provided with the 4870. Then cut a frame in the
center of the material that is just slightly smaller than the
negative you plan to scan. To use tape down the negative at one end
with masking tape, then put tape on the negative at the other end and
pull to apply tension and straighten it out. With a 76mm wide
negative you may also need to tape down the long dimension to keep it

Sandy King

>Greetings list,
>I need to scan negatives which don't fit any of the supplied holders on an
>Epson flatbed 4870 (or whatever its number is in the USA) scanner. Well, of
>course they don't fit - it wouldn't be alternative if they actually did fit
>something standard I guess.
>The negs are from a 130 size film - 76mm wide and the image is about 125mm
>long (2 and seven eights inches by four and seven eights inches). Has anyone
>made their own film holders for scanning abnormal film sizes? Is that what I
>need to do? They don't stay flat enough if simply placed on the glass top of
>the scanner as there is no means to prevent them curling on the space.
>Many thanks for any and all suggestions
>PS If anyone has actually got an Imacon Flextight Photo scanner working with
>a G5 I'd love to hear how they did it. Please note that the query relates
>only to this model - not to any of the other Imacon scanners. TIA. I'm
>offering a reward for the right solution now -I'm really desperate!
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