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From: Catherine Rogers ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/03/04-11:50:27 AM Z
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I greatly appreciated your initial enthusiasm for my reward which, I assure
you, is a GENUINE offer.

BUT, simply suggesting that if something runs on a G4, it will therefore
easily run on a G5 is not good enough and is, well, wrong. Believe me I
wouldn't have asked if it had an easy or obvious solution. (Well not to me
anyway.) So you haven't earned the reward yet. Please keep trying though. As
I said I am desperate. And it's a really nice reward. Maybe it's time you
got a G5?

I can, however, offer you some information - maybe. I had the Flextight
Photo sort of running on a PC with an AMD chip - not a Pentium. NOW, the
black stuff you see from time to time (IF it is the same black with white
flecks as I was getting), I reckon was due to an improperly tightened pulley
or somesuch which caused the neg tray to not move properly and in synch with
the light. You'll need to open it up and tighten the rubber thingy
(technical talk). The fault was discovered by a great little Mac outfit up
the road, here in Sydney Australia. They have seriously taken up this
problem of getting this scanner to work on a G5, and they may well be
working on it until the day they die. Because it might end like that, since
no one yet knows the answer. I was hoping that some clever soul on this
great list might have a solution. I emphasize again that it is a specific
problem to the Flextight Photo and a G5.

You asked about 130 size film.130 film seemed to have been made for 2 Kodak
camera models, a 2C Brownie (made between 1917-1934) and a 2C Autographic
Kodak (1916-1936). I'm sure other manufacturers made this size film, and
there were other cameras which fitted this film too, but I don't have any
information on them. The negs I want to scan were made around 1925 - 1930 in
my opinion.

Now, I'm off to the hardware store to embark on a project which has a more
immediate and much higher liklihood of being solved - making flatbed scanner
neg holders.

thanks and cheers

PS. The reward will be a gorgeous photograph, made from one of my own negs.,
scanned by me, from this machine, with NO visible dust (Jack) (except where
it is essential to the image) and printed by my own fair hands.
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