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> and oh yeah, i mentioned temporality. i'd like to hear what you all have to
> say about this.
Steve, Of course, you must realize you are talking to, writing to, addressing
about six hundred persons on this list. Do you really want the nightmare of
downloading all that stuff, even if only 6% were to answer you?
           I just happen to have an alternative agenda interest in the social
study internet communication aspects of this list whether it be thru photo
alt or whatever and I find the many kinds of things coming off at a tangent from
photography just as interesting and useful in my studies.

>i know this is a pretty weighted email, please forgive me, i keep quiet for
>while and then explode.

         As long as you dont IMPLODE, I hope you will be relieved by giving
us more of your thoughts.
                                    Cheers. John - Photographist

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