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> ...
> As to the costs of getting things in Turkey, you've
> probably tried of
> the these, but...... B&S sells the Ferric Oxalate in
> powdered form (to
> avoid paying the shipping on water). See if you can
> find silver nitrate
> locally, it is very easy to mix both solutions from
> powder.

Thanks very much for describing your method!

Yes, I purchased the powder form. Actually prices are
cheap for what you can find locally here in Turkey.
For instance I purchased Sodium Citrate for just
$3.8/kg (but I had to seach; the first price they told
me was $50/kg - so called "technical grade"
manufactured by Merck), 50gr Silver Nitrate costs only
$13.7, Potassium Ferricyanide and Potassium Dichromate

Thanks again,
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