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Hey John,

well, i didn't really expect all 600 list members to reply, and in fact, if
they did i would be happy to read all of their thoughts. fact is, of those 600
members i think there is a core group of people who participate in
conversations, so i'm not too worried.

anyway, we're getting off topic. so maybe this thread is fizzling.




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> writes:
> > and oh yeah, i mentioned temporality. i'd like to hear what you all have to
> > say about this.
> ...........................
> Steve, Of course, you must realize you are talking to, writing to, addressing
> about six hundred persons on this list. Do you really want the nightmare of
> downloading all that stuff, even if only 6% were to answer you?
> I just happen to have an alternative agenda interest in the social
> study internet communication aspects of this list whether it be thru photo
> alt or whatever and I find the many kinds of things coming off at a tangent
> from
> photography just as interesting and useful in my studies.
> >i know this is a pretty weighted email, please forgive me, i keep quiet for
> a
> >while and then explode.
> >cheers,Steve.
> As long as you dont IMPLODE, I hope you will be relieved by giving
> us more of your thoughts.
> Cheers. John - Photographist
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