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Don Bryant wrote:

>Yes Sir! The reason I know this is because a portion of the film was
>masked for croping. When I later removed the mask I was surprised
>and shocked at the amout of fading that occured. The exposure for
>this piece of film was for two 12 hour exposures. Needless to say I
>don't print this negative often. The negative had a double whammy,
>it was dense (but not bullet proof) and highly stained.

Well, that is very interesting. I really had no idea that the stain
would fade with long exposures to UV light. But 12 hours X 2 is
really quite a lot of exposure. Just curious to know if you could
actually tell there was an image on the negative hidden away in the
stain, or did you just print based on recollection of the scene?

But if stain really does fade from very long UV exposures I would
think this would be a concern for all stained negatives, not just PMK

I have one Pyrocat-HD negative that was overexposed by about three
stops and it required an exposure of about four hours with kallitype.
I printed the negative at least five or six times and if there was
any loss of density in the stain I was not aware of it.

As far as I know there is nothing in the literature about this. Has
anyone else experienced stain fading with long exposure times?


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>Don wrote:
>>My diss`ing of PMK for UV printing is based on my personal experience
>>with the developer. After talking to Bob Herbst at APIS 2001 he
>>convinced me not to continue to use it, especially after looking at my
>>emerald green stained negatives. He looked at one Tri-X negative and
>>told me almost exactly what the printing time was for that neg (about 27
>>min, he said 25).
>>I discovered due to some incredibly long UV print exposure times the PMK
>>stain faded significantly, so I'm wondering if this effect is common to
>>just PMK or all pyro developers. So in my mind less heavy stain has many
>>Something to think about,
>Don, am I understanding this correctly? Did you actually mean to say
>that the PMK stain faded significantly with long UV exposures?
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