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Date: 03/09/04-12:18:38 PM Z
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Forget the light source. 45 minutes in the Montana Sun and it's still
1-1/2 stops underexposed??? With a digital neg???

In my UV box, inkjet negs print in 2 - 2.5 minutes and imagesetter negs
print in about 3 minutes. Most of my Rollo Pyro negs print in 3 to 10

Need more info: what is the substrate for the digital negs? Rubylith??

What is in the 15/7/24 mix? Pt? Pd? Ferric No. 2? Na2?


Something is definitely wrong, and it's not the light source.


> Hi all,
> I'm not a platinum whiz; do you know what might be his problem, below?
> Chris
> So I have started to print platinum, and it has been ticking me off. our
> light source is not getting full power to the bulbs, so their output is
> really low and unpredictable. my exposure times were well over three
> hours,(my test strip was for an hour and it was a good 3 stops under
> exposed) in the light source and 45 minutes outside in bright sunshine,
> about a stop and a half under exposed. is there just no uv radiation in
> MT??? my ratio was 15/7/24 should i change this for digi negs? is there
> any way to speed up the emulsion of a platinum print? my tests from non
> silver for a type 55 neg was 1.5 hour exposure, why are they sooooo
> long? i
> am going to continue running some tests because i really want to get
> this to
> work, but any advice would be greatly appreciated. ---dave

Kerik Kouklis
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