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Yes Sir! The reason I know this is because a portion of the film was masked for croping. When I later removed the mask I was surprised and shocked at the amout of fading that occured. The exposure for this piece of film was for two 12 hour exposures. Needless to say I don't print this negative often. The negative had a double whammy, it was dense (but not bullet proof) and highly stained.

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Don wrote:

>My diss`ing of PMK for UV printing is based on my personal experience
>with the developer. After talking to Bob Herbst at APIS 2001 he
>convinced me not to continue to use it, especially after looking at my
>emerald green stained negatives. He looked at one Tri-X negative and
>told me almost exactly what the printing time was for that neg (about 27
>min, he said 25).
>I discovered due to some incredibly long UV print exposure times the PMK
>stain faded significantly, so I'm wondering if this effect is common to
>just PMK or all pyro developers. So in my mind less heavy stain has many
>Something to think about,

Don, am I understanding this correctly? Did you actually mean to say
that the PMK stain faded significantly with long UV exposures?

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