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I chose muslin for 2 reasons: I had tons of it lying
around for backdrops, and it is really cheap. Never
figured out why the white specks/spots appear and I
just did my best w/some windsor newton colors to fill
it in. I made a lot of "prints" that way hoping that
one or more might have none or few spots and the ones
w/the least ended up being spotted and presented.
Shotgun approach.

The palladium/airbrush job was put onto a manmade
fabric the client picked because it gave the right
look to the image and movement in the fabric for
laundry detergent commercial it was used for. Also
the image would stick to it as well.

So silk may be a great fabric in some respects but may
vary by manufacturer effecting receivability to
cyanotype, et al. I've never tried it.

(more unrelated video

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> > Some years ago, I did some cyano on muslin and
> would
> Why people prefer muslin rather than silk? Is it
> because it works
> better?
> > notice some blue-ing at the edges but in the end
> the
> > images were fine. I just realized in that process
> > that fabric isn't going to respond like paper and
> I
> > would have white dust-like spots frequently even
> > w/saturated coating. I applied w/heavy brush and
> Yes, I had few white spots. This is about something
> that is in the
> fabric I guess (a water repellant thing?)...
> Regards,
> Loris.

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